mark your calenders


“Mark Your Calenders”… what a wonderful, commanding sentence: it isn’t a request, more of a firm instruction, but with a hint of possibly good things to come.   Hmm.   I did not mean to start off with such a pondering tangent, rather I meant to gab a bit and then tell you about an upcoming sale.    Let me return to format:

Two dates are weighing on my mind.  The first would be our wedding anniversary -
16 years.   I’ve got a couple of days off, but not for travel/mini vacationing.   It’s for landscaping.   Last fall we had the tall fir bushes which stood sentinel about our house cut down.  They were quite attractive and quite tall.   In winter, the snow and ice would bow the bushes to the house.   For safety’s sake – not to mention the gutter’s sake – they needed to come down.   We will be consulting with a garden center for recommendations.   (Even so, I’m kinda hung up on lilacs and hollies with a dogwood somewhere in the mix. and maybe some lavender. ooooo lavender on the side of the house in the direct sun!)   Yes, as I told my coworkers yesterday, in this household the 16th anniversary is shrubbery.

The second date is, in a way, much more dear to me.   May 3 marks my two year anniversary of quitting smoking.   In the beginning, I remember reading that it would take about two years for the body and mind to heal and it honestly neverneverevernever occurred to me that I would ‘make it’.   But I did.   I have.   If you are smoking while reading this thinking you should quit but can’t, you can.    To celebrate this date, I will be having a 50% off sale (on everything) in both my shops on May 3 and May 4.   Items such as:

Abstract, Chunky, Statement Piece, Contemporary Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace

from Valerie’s Stuff on Etsy


Blue wave polymer clay mica shift bracelet

from Valerie’s Stuff on Zibbet

Actually, You won’t have to mark your calenders. I’ll remind you :)

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Today is my day off from work.  Dave’s off too.  I figured a little shopping, a little lunch, maybe some afternoon clay, and a bicycle ride.  This morning, however, ruled out one of my favorite activities, (and the only exercise I can honestly say I enjoy and willingly do every day (weather permitting)), biking.  Snow.   So Sunday and yesterday everyone said things like,”Oooohhhh…..there will be snow on Tuesday..”, and I said, “Um. Okay.”, clearly not believing.  (Good thing I wasn’t in charge of warning the colonies of the British invasion.  (as in the Revolutionary War, not the Beatles).   I’d see the ships a-coming and say,”Um. Okay.”.)  I can shop and clay – always – and in all kinds of weather!

I’m getting ready for two shows I am very excited about – The Columbus Arts Festival (sharing space with Etsy Team Columbus) and Old Worthington Market Day (my second year at this wonderful show on the streets of Historic Worthington)!   I will share details as we get closer to these dates.

I’ve really gotten hooked on combining several techniques including mokume gane and mica shift to create these very abstract pieces:

Abstract Wearable Art Necklace, Modern, Polymer Clay Pendant Unique Mokume Gane, Purple and Black

Not only are they challenging and fun to make, it gives me a chance to experiment and push my creativity. I hope you like them as much as I like making them.
Off to shop. and clay. and eat. Biking tomorrow……

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buds to blooms


did you know that crocuses are defined as “a low herb related to the irises with brightly colored flowers borne singly in early spring.”?  I puzzled over the “low herb” part and then had to let it go.  I’m not much of a gardener…I do best with hardy flowering bushes…so my definition of herbs are the basil, thyme, rosemary, and parsley in pots on the deck.  Well, whatever the definition, my crocuses are beautiful and blooming!  Just two days ago they were mere buds.

I am so proud of the few flowers who doggedly bloom each year in my yard.  My inability to plant and grow them in large numbers has discouraged me from ever maintaining a garden.  My survivors are a huge source of inspiration to me: I painted this impressionistic oval using alcohol ink on polymer clay in their honor:

Hand Painted Wild Flowers Polymer Clay Pendant

One more flower photo… hearty daffodils:IMG_1490cropbl

Until later.

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it is springy


Buds are making their appearances. And the sun actually shown for a bit. It’s odd that April has never be one of my favorite months. You think it would with the changing of the seasons – always poetic – but it never really did much for me. I think this April may be the exception. It could be because of the unusually long and harsh winter, or the positive changes in my life, or because I have finally lost a couple pounds, or have pulled out my beautiful camera. Whatever the reason, welcome buds!

Gratuitous polymer clay jewelry self promotion:

Abstract, Modern, Polymer Clay Pendant Unique Mokume Gane, Wasabi (green), blue and pearl oval

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yes I know, everyone for all of time, discusses life changes.  Big ones.  little ones (changes that is) or perceived little/big ones (those changes that the average passerby would construe as little (or big) but are indeed big (or little) to the changee.) I too have been thru my share of changes of late….some big and some little and today another one came. My clothes washer sprang a leak. I needed a moment of quiet reflection, then I called my mother.

“my washer is leaking.”
“The one that came from your grandfather’s house?”
“Yes. Was that 1989?”
“no 1990. I think he bought it a few years before that.”
“could just be a hose…or gasket.”
“Do you still get Consumer Reports? Nothing new will last as long but that will be a good starting place.”
“Oh no problem…I still have Grandpa C’s washer in the basement. I kept it but never hooked it up.”

Okay, so moving from one grandfather’s washing machine to the other does not constitute a major life change, but it did turn into a nice chat with my mom.

Other changes in my life?
Well, I closed Valerie’s Stuff on Artfire and am now focused on my Etsy site. And I’ve started loving making rings…here are my first listings:

Adjustable Round Statement Ring in Polymer Clay, Abstract Green, Brown, and Blue, mokume gane

Rectangle Statement Ring in Blue, Black and Pearl Polymer Clays, modern, abstract, large Mokume Gane

That’s all I’ve got for now….talk at you soon…..

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who, me?

something new and entirely unexpected happened.   or rather I did something new and entirely unexpected.  my story today…..

Last November, I did a really nice show.   It was a two day affair at a retirement community.   Lovely setting, terrific staff and wonderful community.   (I wouldn’t mind living there in the distant future.   okay not soooo distant….but still pretty far in the future…..abort!abort!abort!….moving on…(so to speak))   The woman next to me was a Mary Kay consultant.   I didn’t really pay much a attention to her table the first day, but the second day was a bit slower and we were able to chat and spend more time amongst ourselves.   I finally agreed to call her and set up a consultation.   (True confession: I didn’t really plan on calling her back.   Much shame here, but the truth.)   Ms. Judi called me.   Set up a time.   I had to work.   I called her back and changed the date.   And so it went for November and December….until…I went to her house Dec. 30.   Had a make over.   Loved the liquid foundation brush.   And the foundation.   My new blush color is more of a contouring color.   Judi was delightful (as was her little dog) and on December 31, I signed up to be a Mary Kay Representative.

Now, I’ve never been a makeup girl.   I have always been a mascara and lip gloss, done and out the door girl/woman. Another true confession…I am at the age where/when makeup can make a dramatic difference.   And I know it, but still???   This is extreme for me.   I baffled myself.   Yesterday I finally figured it out.   It was the liquid foundation brush.   For some reason, that brush made makeup, and its application, make sense.

So….ladies and gentleman….say hello to the new May Kay Consultant…Me!

Photo on 2014-12-31 at 19.00

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jan 12

Well, I’ve failed in two of my “promises” already!!!!!
Haven’t lost two pounds.  Haven’t blogged twice a week.
Okay.  new week.  new day…..
With that in mind, I do have new ideas and plans.
I don’t think I mentioned my job here….I was hired on October 14, 2013 at a major retail chain!   I was – and am – delighted.   My first away-from-home job in a very long time.   I worked very silly hours through the holidays and inventory.   My hours are now settling down so I will have more time to create my things and keep my other goals too.
I’m getting ready for my Feb 8 show with bunches of new things!   In re to my online shop, I am featuring Valentine related stuff in my etsy site such as:

Chunky Red Heart Polymer Clay Pendant

Chunky Red Heart Polymer Clay Pendant


Chunky Pretty Peach Heart with Mint Green Rose Polymer Clay Pendant

Chunky Pretty Peach Heart with Mint Green Rose Polymer Clay Pendant

how about….

Shades of pink Handmde Polymer Clay Bead Necklace moderm, minimal, versatile

Shades of pink Handmde Polymer Clay Bead Necklace moderm, minimal, versatile

maybe a brooch?

Polymer Clay Modern minimal rose brooch, pin lapel pin

Polymer Clay Modern minimal rose brooch, pin lapel pin

Anyway…you get the idea.  Thanks for browsing and I’ll talk to you later…

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